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Tax planning is critical to business cash flow and is something that can destroy your business if not managed when creating budgets and cash flow forecasting.  For many new businesses; setting a budget or planning cash flow is an afterthought.  As a result, planning for the implications of tax is something that happens at the end of the financial year!  Luckily, you don’t have to be a tax accountant to estimate your likely tax bill, but you will need a strategic plan that will involve discussions with your accountant or qualified adviser to make sure you have structured your business in the most tax effective way!  Our team at Austral Cloud Bookkeeping can assist you in structuring your business to get the most tax benefits.  This generally includes liaising with your accountant or putting you in touch with one of our colleagues if a more complex structure is suited to your business.  For the smaller businesses (i.e sole traders and partnerships), we like to make sure you have the right structure and procedures to estimate your tax on your income, PAYG and GST.  By the end of the year or quarter, you will not be surprised by a bill from the tax man!  You will know how much the bill will be, and you will have earned interest in the bank before you pay!

Its simple procedures like this is that will help your business survive the first make or break 5 years and keep your small business in the 84% that succeed!

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