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If there is one thing most people in business don’t like doing, it’s the BAS! The BAS not only covers GST, it also covers your Payroll PAYG Withholding, Income Tax Instalments, Fuel Tax Credits and the list goes on.

Austral Cloud Bookkeeping is a registered BAS agent, which means that we are qualified to provide you with BAS services. You can choose for us to do a simple overview of your BAS before lodging, or a full preparation and lodgement of your BAS. This will put your mind at ease, as well as keeping your accounting bill down!

When BAS time comes around either monthly or quarterly, we take the time to have a look at your accounts and, if requested, run a management report. It is a great time to tidy up any loose ends and point out where improvement needs to be made for the next month/quarter. We really prefer this method of active account keeping and reporting rather than re-active when it gets to the end of the year and you need to go back over old information. This makes visiting your accountant mid-year or annually more productive, because you can spend more time looking towards the future and planning rather than fixing the past!

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Our passion is driven from the joy of helping you achieve your business goals and watching you gain control of the areas where you need that extra helping hand.

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