Austral Cloud is excited to roll out an amazing Xero add on partner…

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Deputy is the all-in-one, web-based solution that simplifies rostering, timesheets, tasking and communication.

Although Xero has a wonderful inbuilt payroll system, we have found a product that goes the extra mile to add on to Xero. Are you interested in a fully integrated Rostering, Timesheet machine? With a number of businesses now taking this fantastic payroll system on board, we are happy with how the product works and can now say “Have a go”!

Deputy takes care of:

  • Rostering- Find available staff , create and publish rosters for them in minutes.
    Deputy’s rostering tool also takes into account overlaps and training experience.
    Notify your staff of their shifts via SMS, email or the Deputy mobile app.
  • Annual Leave, RDO’s, Sick Leave etc
    Timesheets are created automatically when employees start and end their shifts with Deputy. If there is a variation in the time worked, you can either approve, revert to roster or manually update.
  • Employee Login
  • Data Transfer – Transfers data to all leading accounting packages
  • Employee Availability – Staff can give you their availability. When rostering you know who can work what days. It will block out Annual Leave/Sick Leave/RDO’s etc and you can choose from other available staff.
  • MULTIPLE ENTITIES UNDER ONE LOGIN – This is a huge plus!
  •  Kiosk or smart phone app – you can choose to set up an I-Pad/Computer Kiosk or Staff can use their smart phones to clock in and out. (only available for iphones, but Android launch is just around the corner!)
  • In-built geo-location technology – see where employees have started and stopped their shifts. You even have the option to take a photo upon sign in/out
  • Assign tasks to team members to carry out through the employee portal

All of this for only $1 per employee per week! Think about how long it takes for you to add up all of those timesheet hours! For $1 per employee, let Deputy take care of your rostering and timesheets!

Don’t just trust us, click here  to see all of Deputy’s amazing Features.

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