Austral Cloud Bookkeeping are Bookkeepers with a difference.  While they are physically based in Surrey Hillson have clients all over Australia because they use outstanding cloud software.

CEO & Founder

Nicole, the owner and Chief Executive BAS agent, is a Certified Practicing Accountant and a Registered BAS Agent. After qualifying with a Double Bachelor Degree – Business (majoring in Accounting) & Arts (Japanese) Certified Practicing Accountant /Registered BAS Agent Nicole was ready to introduce herself to the world of finance!

Having been in the financial services industry since 2004 she has worked with a wide range of small and medium sized business. These include Professional Services, Wholesale & Retail; IT & Technology; Trades & Construction, right through to Health & Wellness, Consultancy, Food & Beverage; as well as Tourism and Hospitality!

Austral Cloud Bookkeeping have clients in a range of industries from childcare, manufacturing, retail, strata management, consulting, trades, health and wellbeing, real estate, accounting, property development, catering and IT

Certified Bookkeeper

Suzanne is a qualified Bookkeeper and registered BAS agent with Amber Business Support and is based in Australia.

With her exceptional “people skills” she is able to liaise and communicate with clients on and off site.

Shortly after qualifying in 2019 she stepped right into bookkeeping and has experience in an array of industries from Excavation; Printing, and Transport, right through to Manufacturing.

When asked what she loves about Bookkeeping, her response was “Being able to relieve the strain associated with ATO, Financial and business obligations, thus allowing owners to focus on the things that they find exciting in their business!” When Suzanne is not “tapping away at the figures” she enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 children and her pets!

She has travelled to Europe, loved every second and looks forward to the day when she can visit Europe once again!

Suzanne’s “slogan” in life: “It is what it is, we can deal with it then move on.”

Certified Bookkeeper

Chino is a bookkeeper and admin assistant for Amber Business Support and is based in the Philippines.

With a Bachelor degree of Science in Accounting technology Accountancy, Certifications as a Certified Financial Market Professional (CFMP) from Bloomberg analytics and SAP Business certifications, Chino is a gentleman who loves learning and growing.

Having finished university in 2016, he started working in the bookkeeping space right away with various firms in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia!

When asked what he loves about his Amber Business Support customers, a genuine and candid answer was given, “I love seeing our customers being eager to comply with all of the standards. Allowing Amber Business Support to handle their bookkeeping and accounting tasks, allows them to grow the businesses they are passionate about!

He adds so much value to the Amber Business support team through his attention to detail, ensuring all the finer details are in order, enabling the team to be “set for success”.

In his spare time, Chino enjoys going out with friends and loves watching different documentary tv series. His dream…. To have his own “Speakeasy” pub or bar!

Chino’s “slogan” in life: Stop for a while and smell the roses.

Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

Sonia brings with her 20+ years of marketing and customer service experience and 20 years of accounting and audit experience too. She has worked in almost every industry which includes, Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Wholesale, Services, Federal Government, Accounting and more. Sonia loves innovation so is always making sure we are using the latest and greatest programs and systems, which means you are also getting the latest and greatest too. Sonia also makes sure that you are getting not only a great customer experience and value from the work we do with you, but that you are getting a healthy ROI too.

Troy Shanks – Systems Director

With a background in Sales, Troy made the switch to IT 12 years ago when he realised that people were asking him for technical help more than the actual IT team at his work. Troy’s unique ability to communicate technical problems clearly, allows his clients to make informed and educated decisions about their build, as well as to learn about the process of website design, this results in a better outcome for the client, while giving the company the skills on how to engage their customer base through digital tools. Social media is another big one that companies know they need, but don’t understand how to use to connect with their audience. Combining his sales training and skills with his technical skill set has allowed Troy to build a reputation as the Go – to person for digital strategy and tools. Troy is also a nerd from before it was cool and will happily tell you about the latest tech gadgets and trends.

From helping you streamline your daily tasks, implement the right systems, provide you with exceptional training, and getting you set up, give Chantal and her team a call today and have a chat.  They can lift the weight off your shoulders and help with the growth of your business.

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Our passion is driven from the joy of helping you achieve your business goals and watching you gain control of the areas where you need that extra helping hand.

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